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Gregg Burkhalter


This "LinkedIn Guy" Is Different

Gregg Burkhalter is a recognized authority on LinkedIn and Personal Branding. He has trained countless professionals across the U.S. and Canada to effectively brand themselves and market their businesses on LinkedIn.

Gregg spent the first part of his professional career behind the microphone at radio stations in Savannah, Jacksonville, Charleston, and Atlanta. Following his radio years, Gregg worked in national music marketing and distribution.

Today, Gregg is known around these parts as “The LinkedIn Guy”. He provides LinkedIn Training and Strategy (and Branding Coaching) via one-on-one and group training sessions, corporate presentations and webinars. He is also a frequent speaker at civic and chamber events and area universities.

What others are saying about Gregg:

"We invited Gregg to speak at our ITRA Global 2017 Spring Conference in Atlanta. His session was stellar! Not only is Gregg an excellent speaker and expert on LinkedIn, he is also a super guy. I would highly recommend Gregg to any group or organization looking for an engaging keynote speaker." - Debra Stracke Anderson

"I had the pleasure of hearing Gregg speak on Personal Branding at the Gwinnett Chamber Small Business Summit. He did a fantastic presentation and provided everyone with valuable insights to act upon. Gregg really knows his stuff!" - Rich Bartolotta

"Gregg has proven to be a valuable resource for me during my time of vocational transition. He has extensive knowledge of LinkedIn and how to best leverage your personal brand on the platform. His approach to business makes dealing with him a pleasure. He is also a man of integrity that can be trusted to do his best for you!" - Gabriel Aviles

"Gregg is the expert on LinkedIn! He knows how to explain the technical and psychological part of LinkedIn to put you on the path to growing your professional brand!" - Montina Portis

"We had a sold-out crowd at our Gwinnett Chamber “Eat & Educate Workshop” featuring Gregg. We even had to break down registration tables to make room for additional participants. Gregg is an authority on LinkedIn and Personal Branding (and a great speaker). The feedback from attendees was all very positive and we look forward to having him back again soon!"Stephanie Sokenis

"Gregg's one-on-one LinkedIn training is amazing! I learned so much. He removed the fear and created confidence. Not only did he teach me the technical aspects, but also the psychology of how to use LinkedIn. I can't express my appreciation enough!" - Marie Davis

"I invited Gregg to speak to two of my marketing classes at the University of North GA and also to lead an online session for the American Marketing Association UNG Chapter. I believed his expertise in LinkedIn would benefit my students significantly, and I was right. Students thought they knew LinkedIn until they attended his sessions. Gregg set an excellent example for my students regarding personal branding and helping others. I hope to have him back again." - Dr. Wu

"Gregg recently led a LinkedIn "Lunch & Learn," one of our programs for small businesses here at the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce. We had our largest crowd on record for the event! Gregg is an authority on LinkedIn and his presentation was outstanding. I highly recommend Gregg to any chamber or civic group looking for a guest speaker." - Briana Burgess

"Gregg Burkhalter gives a tremendous LinkedIn training class on Branding and Marketing. He certainly knows his stuff and is so patient and thorough in his presentation. I learned things that I never knew existed that could help me with my business. If you want to know more about LinkedIn, attend one of Gregg's in depth classes." - Susan Rogers

"Even though I've been on LinkedIn for years, Gregg taught my clients and me so much and gave us tips for both improving our personal brand and how to use company pages. Thanks Gregg!" - Randy Cooper

"Gregg spoke to my class at the University of Georgia and the students thought he delivered excellent content in an entertaining and effective way. Thanks, Gregg!" - Dr. Brenda Cude

"Definition of LinkedIn: Gregg Burkhalter. 
Gregg is so enthused about helping you with your LinkedIn success that he transfers excitement everywhere he goes. Gregg helped me understand LinkedIn, showed me how to improve my profile, to better connect with people and how to maneuver around so that you will generate interest with the end goal of doing business with other LinkedIn folks." - Connie Catalano

"I have taken several of Gregg's classes. His enthusiasm and knowledge of LinkedIn made this an extremely beneficial experience for me and for my business. Gregg is always looking for ways to help his clients be better at what they do and I can't thank him enough for the encouragement, tips and support that he has given me in my business." - Carol Coy

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gregg as he came into my business recently to educate me on recent evolution of LinkedIn. Gregg is a 'people person' and teacher with great knowledge of LinkedIn and its functionality. This is a great combination if you want to not just learn about LinkedIn but become more proficient in how this vast resource can truly benefit you. I was working exponentially smarter after completing Gregg's workshop. Gregg not just teaches you he also follows up afterwards whether you ask him or not. This demonstrates to me he's more concerned with your productivity rather than what revenue he may get out of this experience. It's people like Gregg I choose to work with on a consistent basis." - Jim Gillespie

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