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“The LinkedIn Guy” Story

Kraig Kann interviews Gregg on his “Tracks to Success” podcast. They talk about Gregg’s early years all the way up to today.

LinkedIn: Personal Branding – Professional Success

“Relationships are key to personal happiness and professional success.”

It is very important to have a strong Personal Brand. Companies understand that their employees’ brand contributes largely to the company’s success.

Everyone has a Personal Brand. Your brand is built one of two ways: 1) By default: do nothing and you have to settle for how it turns out, or 2) By design: if you consistently focus on developing and building your brand, you can help shape the outcome.

LinkedIn has over 930 Million users and is the digital home of your Personal Brand. Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016 which means your LinkedIn profile now has increased importance and exposure.

When you build your LinkedIn profile, you’re defining what you’d like your brand to be. It is not your Personal Brand until others believe it. Gregg will show you how to define your brand, build relationships (and your network), and grow your brand.

Gregg Burkhalter is a recognized authority on Personal Branding and LinkedIn. He has helped countless professionals in the U.S. and around the world define and grow their Personal Brand using LinkedIn.

Gregg is known by many as “The LinkedIn Guy”. He provides Personal Branding Coaching and LinkedIn Training via one-on-one and group training sessions, corporate presentations and webinars.

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