Other Available Services

Branding Coachhandshake

Companies today know the importance of having their employees be very well branded. Your personal brand is not what you say you are, it’s what others say you are.   Gregg will meet with you one-on-one to help you develop your brand (as you’d like it perceived by others) and then train you how to (in a relationship-building, non-selling way) have others recognize your brand for what it is and want to help you expose your brand.

Marketing Assessment

There are so many facets to marketing these days. There’s the traditional ones: print, radio, business cards, printed material, direct mail and networking. And the newer ones: website, social media, email marketing, pay-per-click, SEO, blogging, etc.

Gregg’s strong grasp of the marketing landscape allows him to accurately review your current marketing efforts to identify what’s missing, what’s not working and what needs adjusting. Gregg will suggest a corrective plan of action and prioritize the items for you to ensure the best “bang for the buck”.

speakingGuest planSpeaker

Gregg makes himself available for radio, TV, newspaper, magazine and podcast interviews (as his schedule permits). He also enjoys speaking in public to groups and organizations who would like an overview of the power of LinkedIn and suggestions on how to use it effectively.


Do you need help developing and marketing your brand?